Please Respect Your Lecturer!

My dearest friends, please respect your teacher/lecturer, PLEASE!

I have a few question: Can you pay attention in class when your classmate(s) are making noise at back? Of course you can’t, rite? Do you know how to respect your lecturer/teachers?

Again, I want to stress here my dear friends, please observe your attitude in class. Is it acceptable if you were making noise/talking to your friends and at the same time your lecturer was giving his/her lecture in front of you?

I have encountered this problem since my days at secondary scholl. Yes, I know that everyone needs to talk. Socialize is a necessity. But please DO NOT TALK IN CLASS WHEN THE LECTURER IS GIVING ITS LECTURE. It is really annoying. Yes, I am an open-minded person, but when it comes to study matters, it is time to get serious! Do you want your lecturers/teachers have a BAD remarks on you?

Remember this: No matter how smart you are, or how rich you are, or how famous you are, if your teacher/lecturer does not give his blessing for what they have taught you, you will never be a successful man in the future.

An again, PLEASE RESPECT YOUR LECTURERS/TEACHERS. I’m sorry if this message has hurt your feelings my friends, I don’t mend to do it. This is just an advice for you and me.

Thank you for reading.


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