Kot! Cmne?

I bet you know what I meant by the title. Sometimes I got caught with it!

Nowadays I noticed that among Malays, obviously, we tend to put the ‘kot’ suffix in every of our statement(s) in a conversation. No, not only among urban Malays, but rural Malays somehow got affected too. Some typical examples are,

Q: Ada kelas petang ni?
A: Yup, pukul 3.30, kot.

Q: Dah makan?
A: Dah, kot.

‘Kot’ is an expression that point on uncertain condition. But in most cases, it is a confirmed action, but we still put the suffix ‘kot’ in our statement! Haha, interesting indeed, it brings a question in my mind – are we (the Malays) live in uncertain world? My answer: Ye, kot! (?)

It shows that we are not confident in our own statement/reply! Or maybe it is an identity for Malay, as Chinese often put the suffix ‘ma’ in almost all statements. How about the Indians? Any suffix?

Q: Ambil berapa credit hour semester ni?
A: 15.5 total, kot.

Q: Meeting malam ni dekat mana?
A: HS Cafe, pukul 8, kot.

(Berapa banyak KOT da…)

Honestly, I don’t know who started it first. Any answer?

Is this what we call an evolution of Bahasa Melayu? Even in SMS context, I realised the words become shorter day by day!

Tidak -> Tak -> X
Macam mana -> Mcm mane -> Camne -> Cmne
Balik/Bilik -> blik -> blk
Aku -> Ak
Kau -> Ko
Dekat -> dkt -> kat -> kt
Kalau -> Kalu/Kalo
Apa-apa pun -> Apa2 pon -> Papepon

See the pattern? Most of the words will have its vowel missing in every ‘evolution’.

I got confused with those short-formed words. I am bit conservative person, and sometimes when my friends or sister/brother sent me an SMS with a very simplified wordings, I need time to decode the meaning and context. Err, sorry if I am late in reply, because I need to decipher your message first.

Another evolution perhaps?

Think about it, and please give your honourable comments! :)


Author: Audi Faliq Ibrahim

Executive at Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan. Alumni of International Islamic University Malaysia. An old soul and #INTJ.

One thought on “Kot! Cmne?”

  1. well, my dear fren audi, i totally agree the word ‘kot’ itself shows uncertainty in a person’s thought. not only that, it may bring a less convincing impression to one’s appearance.
    contradictorily, i think short forms used in sending sms is acceptable. ‘sms’ itself contains the words short messaging system. the shortening of loooooong words is the best way to do in this case. not only it saves time, but money(sms charge) too. it doesn’t mean when we do these things, we evolve the language. what’s the use of DBP then, if yes?! :)


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