New IIUM Official Song : Leading The Way

I bet some of you, my dearest IIUM friends, know that our official song has been changed. What, changed? Yup, the song is no longer the one that we used to sing during the Ta’aruf Week for 2006 intake a long, long time ago.

Now you feel nostalgic eh? No more “always strive for the best…”

No idea? Around the end of 2007, if you can recall, IIUM was holding a contest of writing the lyric for the new official song. I do not know who won it (student or staff), but the contest is over. The new song is composed by one of the reowned and well known composer in Malaysia. Guess who?

His name is Encik Johan Nawawi. Ah, If you cannot recall his face, just remember that he is husband of our famous and cute singer, Nora. In my opinion, he has done the job very well with the new rendition of IIUM official song. His trademark, the ‘flute’ is present in the new song, nicely integrated with the overall rhythm and flow of song. He also injected the elements of Malay traditional music as well as Islamic elements.

Overall, the song, entitled ‘Leading The Way’, is presented in slow tempo but has more energetic sense. If you listen to it, there is the aura of ‘majestic’ and ‘corporate’ injected inside the song compared to the previous version which is more fast-beat and catchy in tunes. The singer also beautifully rendered the song with the help of choir group, both synergy are well done.

The lyric of the song is as follows (hah, memorize it!)

Leading The Way

Let ‘s lead the way
Enlighten the future
Share the wisdom
Through the spirit of Islam

Revelation and Reason
We shall excel, we shall prevail
Merging faith and knowledge
We’re the khalīfah
We’ll fulfill the Amanah


We make the world a better place
Expand the culture of Iqra’
Is to realise, the meaning of…
Rahmatan li’l-Alamīn

We make the world a better place
Expand the culture of Iqra’
Is to realise, the meaning of…
Mercy to all the worlds

For all mankind


You can download the song and lyric from IIUM Public Relations Office (PRO) Website.

Note that I provide the above files for your personal reference only and not for commercial or business purpose. I will not held liable if you did any action that infringe the law or any related rules and regulations.

Author: Audi Faliq Ibrahim

Executive at Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan. Alumni of International Islamic University Malaysia. An old soul and #INTJ.

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