Who Will Get Married First?

On 7th May 2009 (yes, my birthday, thank you to all of you who had sent your wish and prayer), I had a conversation with one of my best friends, Farah Hazierah (via SMS). At first we discussed about her problem regarding the Inter-Mahallah Debate certificate which she had yet to receive. After some actions, the problem was settled and the case was closed.

When the text conversation took place, I was on my way back to home after finishing my duty for the day at Tenaga Nasional Berhad. When Farah’s SMS arrived, I was passing Jalan Universiti, which triggered my mind to write this SMS (yes, a three-pages SMS) to her.

“When I travelled along Jalan Universiti inside Metrobus everytime saya balik kerja, saya terfikir, memang cepat masa berlalu. It catches my heart. Bila tengok Samad (SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, our former school), terkenang zaman sekolah dulu. After all, tempat kita dah banyak berubah kan, development all round, next 5 years, mungkin PJ area kita ni dah jadi macam KL. Next 10 years? That’s indicate kita dah meningkat dewasa. Mak ayah pun dah makin tua…”

She did not reply immediately. I looked outside the window of the bus. Yes, my area is developing in a very rapid pace. What was used to be several factories along Seksyen 13 is now a shopping/commercial are (Jaya One and other office premises). Bulatan Universiti was no longer at the place, now it had been replaced by a huge flyover. If the said rumor was true, CENFOS IIUM might also go, and I do not know what will happen to the historical site of IIUM.

Reached home, I cleaned myself, had my dinner, and before Maghrib, reply from Farah arrived. It reads,

“Hehe. That is life kan? Time flies so fast sampai saya rasa macam baru semalam I turned 16. Haha. Tapi tu la, we are going to the next phase sooner or later.”

The ‘next phase’. I understood what she meant by ‘next phase’. Student life will over very soon, we (and most of our friends) have one more year before graduating from IIUM. Then we respectively will disperse, separated, and go for work, and the ‘next phase’ (what Farah meant inside the SMS) is MARRIAGE. Then, I replied to her message.

“Yup, I agree, next phase. Kita tengok, siapa yang akan kahwin dulu. Hehe.”

Almost immediately, her reply arrived.

“Haha, you sounded like Teha and Elfa, diorang selalu cakap camtu.”

I am not surprised with Farah’s remark. I know, most of my friends and I are guessing, who will get married first, who will eat nasi minyak at his/her friend(s) wedding. We always think what we will be in the future. Who do you think?

The Person Is

I do not know, my friends also have no idea, we are just forecasting. The only ‘person’ who know whom among us will get married first is Allah s.w.t.

Speculation is no use. I can declare that I will be the last since I am the only one (I think) who is still single. But we do not know, maybe I am the one who will climb the pelamin first? Who knows?

That triggered my mind on what my former boss, Puan Suzana Ahmad said during our informal discussion when I visited TNB on 29 July 2009,

“Haha, awak masih tak ada girlfriend Audi? Bohonglah! You want know something? If you ask me, I believe that ramai perempuan yang sebenarnya minat pada awak, sebab you have the personality of a matured person. Sepanjang awak kerja dekat sini, I had observed you, and that you are quite different from the  other person at your age. Selalunya orang umur 22 macam awak still fikir untuk suka-suka dan enjoy, masa kerja pun sempat nak main-main, but you put commitment and work at the first place. Susah nak dapat orang macam awak. Staf-staf dekat sini pun puji awak sebab your commitment and attitude.”

Then she stressed this point to me,

“Kalau awak nak tahu, perempuan, walaupun dia kaki enjoy dan happy go lucky type of person, kalau mencari teman hidup, dia akan cuba cari lelaki yang matang dan pentingkan komitmen.”

That is my boss point of view, personally I agree with her. Anyway, whoever is married first, it is all inside Allah’s plan. Let us wait and see.

(End of post. Yup, no joke!)


Author: Audi Faliq Ibrahim

Executive at Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan. Alumni of International Islamic University Malaysia. An old soul and #INTJ.

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