How Beautiful It Is!

When I have done with my course pre-registration last Tuesday (29 September 2009), which ran smoothly without any hitch (except for the new PIN issue), I realized that I almost reaching the end of my degree program. This was the final pre-registration exercise for most of us. Suddenly I feel very nostalgic and melancholic.

Then I walked out from an Internet Café at Taman Melati after the exercise. My sidekick, Abdul Wahab, who went with me, smiled and said “Not very long! The time will come“. I nodded, understood.

It reminds me how fast the time passed. When I registered to enroll at IIUM in 2006, I thought that four years was such a very, very long time. Even I wondered if I could survive here. As the time passed, I saw many of my friends, failed to survive the challenging environment and ‘lost their seat’ in IIUM. They had fallen and being a victim of cultural shock, heavy workload and emotional disorder. Thank God, I managed to survive in this very challenging, demanding, yet fun environment of IIUM.

I already revealed to you how I ended up in IIUM (refer to my previous post). The fact that IIUM was my last minute decision is some sort of blessing in disguise-and it really exemplified the God’s beautiful plan for His servant. Naturally, I do not have economic background during my school days and I more towards physics, nuclear sciences and engineering sort of things. Therefore, by accepting IIUM offer to enroll in Economic courses was such like putting my neck on slaughtering board. However, I believed that there was a reason why I got this offer, and I accepted it.

People said I am smart, and able to cope with any situation. No, even a smart people will sometimes overlook or unable to do the thing that he or she is incapable of doing it. Smart does not mean perfect, so please keep in mind!

True, it was a blessing in disguise. There were many surprises when I was in Matriculation Center. I could adopt Economics and Accounting very well, contradicted with my initial perception. Now I understand why God gave me chances to go here. I valued my decision now, and never regret, and enjoyed it. Here I found many outstanding persons, whom inspired and motivated me to go further. There were my schoolmates from SMK Sultan Abdul Samad, and of course, the ‘3 Sisters’.

Indeed, God knows the best about His servant, and already planned the best path for us to follow. People always blame that situations are not on their side, and cursing the root causes. They overlook that we as a servant of God can only plan and execute our program, but the success and failure is not in our hands. We might have plan it carefully, with comprehensive contingency plan, with full of helps and resources. Nevertheless, if God already destined that it will failed, are we dare to challenge, or summon HIM in court? My last statement might be too extreme, but it is what we see in reality. We indirectly cursing God for all the failure that we faced!

Be thankful to God, and when you did not get what you want does not mean that your live is over. The alternatives might be better for you. I would like to share with you a conversation that I had with my roommate in Matriculation Center. One night, he came to my compartment and wanted to discuss something important with me. I accepted the request, and together we sat on my bed. We were the only two who still conscious in the middle of the night, the other roommates already in the dreamland.

He told me that initially he applied for enter Law in IIUM, but being offered to read Economics instead. Therefore, he wanted to listen to my opinion whether he should switch course from Economics to Law. I asked him, how was it so far, did he enjoy learned economics? He replied that he enjoyed and can coped with it, but since the school days, he wanted to learn law. He had ambition to help reviving the Muslim community in Malaysia, and improve their standard of living. He explained to me that by learning Law he could achieve it. I smiled and agree with the statements, and very proud with his ambition.

With my hands at his shoulder, I replied, “Indeed, Law can help us to improve the Muslim, but Economics too. When you learn Economics does not mean you will not see any sort of Law. Economics itself is a Law, a law of how we manage the resources that Allah s.w.t. granted to us. Economics is not my choice, I want to do sciences and engineering, but I believe that whatever we get is the best gift from Allah. We might not see it now, but it will prevail in the future.

So do you think I should change?” he asked. “It is up to you my friend; I believe that you can make your own decision. If you think by switching course, will help you then just proceed. I have strong sense that you will become someone in the future, trust your heart!” I replied. “Thank you Audi, I think I have found the answer,” he said with a smile, and we shook our hands before went to bed.

What I had thought has become reality. He did not change course and proceed with Economics. Now, he had become one of the successful students, and I am proud with him. If you wonder who he is, the person is Br. Mohd Adham Mohd, current President of EMSS, IIUM.

To quote a friend, Farah Hazierah, she said, “God has made beautiful plans for everyone!” So be thankful to God for His beautiful plan! Of course, I will never question again, why I am here in IIUM, because this is the best place for me, with a bunch of best friends, caring lecturers, and of course, again, the ‘3 Sisters’. I never regret eh! :-)


Author: Audi Faliq Ibrahim

Executive at Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan. Alumni of International Islamic University Malaysia. An old soul and #INTJ.

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