Always Leave Office On Time!

Happy new year! For this very first post in the year 2012, let me begin with one simple question – what time do you normally going back to home from your workplace? For majority of us whom work on the normal office hour (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.), most probably you would going back at 5 pm sharp, or slightly late, or for the adventurous, you might going back before 5 p.m. (what to do, no work lah!).

Whatever the time is, it has has some positive correlation with the amount of task you are curently working on. The more incomplete task/assignment you have, the tendency of you going back late will rise. Except, of course, you are those laisse faire type of person who do not care much. I am not very sure, but being too serious  with our work, will make us like such robot at the factory? We are given assignment, expected to complete it on the stipulated date, and on the process, we get angry, stress, feel like being cursed and of course, if not all, cursing with those favourite words of yours. Tahi lembu (bull shit!).

Today, I came across one picture on my Facebook. It is not my picture, neither my friends, but shared by many of the Facebookers. The picture, captured using mobile phone (assuming, since the album name is Mobile Upload), is a snapshot of a notice (or poster, whichever suitable). It listed down several reasons why we should leave the office on time, not to late neither to early. It reads (ignore those context/grammar mistakes);


FIRST: Work is a never ending process. You can never finish your works.

SECOND: Interest of a client is no more important than your family.

THIRD: If you fail in life, your boss or client will not be the person to offer a helping hand but your family and friends will do.

FOURTH: Life does not mean coming to office, going home and sleep. There is more to a life. You need time to socialize, entertainment, exercise and relaxation. Do not make your life meaningless.

FIFTH: A person who sits in office still late is not a hardworking person. He is a fool who deos not know how to manage works within the stipulated time. Besides, he is a loser in life who does not have personal or social life.

SIXTH: You did not study hard and struggle in the life to be a machine and live a meaningless life.

SEVENTH: If you boss forces you to work late, just show this article. He will (then) try to make his life meaningful too.


OPTION ONE: Leave On Time – More productive, good social life, good relationship.


OPTION TWO: Leave Late – Less productive, no social life, bad relationship.



After reading the statement, somehow, I think what the author said is true. Do we work for life, of life for work? Another question is, what is actually we are struggling for? Money? Prestige? Praises? Recognition? Remember one thing – our ancestors went to work too, but they did not have a stressful and rushed life. Just compare with our world now, is it become better or worse?

The Original Image - Taken from Facebook

Author: Audi Faliq Ibrahim

Executive at Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan. Alumni of International Islamic University Malaysia. An old soul and #INTJ.

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