Another (Meaningless) Post

Thursday. I sat here in my room, trying to churn out some ideas or rather typically, attempting to create a ‘mood’. Mood of doing my routine work. But somehow I did not get the feel.

Maybe because I locked-up my problem inside, so I cannot perform well outside. Maybe.

So I typed this post, rather meaningless, but full with clues.

We have many secrets. So do I, and you too. Some of it we feel alright to share with others (and thus render it a no longer ‘secret’) but some of it, shall remain secret. Keeping inside is the safest thing to do, but eventually the pain is what we feel, alone.

Confession, shall I say it? Well, confession, it is a secret nevertheless. Saying it, means ready with the whatever outcome(s) that will emerge.

Some people love to share their (or others’) secret and proud with it. The others, prefer to keep it, in order to save the situation. To keep it until the last breath. Then it will remain forever a secret.

Revisited, there are many secrets inside my pocketbook (read: heart and/or mind, either or). No problem in keeping those, but a very ‘painful’ indeed.

Just to recap a ‘short poem’ that I wrote yesterday,

Sulit sungguh bicara ini
Mahu disimpan merana diri
Mahu diluah bahaya menanti
Biarlah ku pendam hingga ke mati
Tiada siapa yang terasa hati.

To ‘pendam’ (keep it inside) is not a wise thing to do in some situation, but to voice it out, are the said person is willing (the correct word actually, is ‘ready’) to listen? I conclude this post, rather abruptly, with this,

Tidak akan ku berhenti berharap
Cahaya harapan pasti menyelinap
Mengkhabar gembira seluruh segenap
Ku menanti penuh berharap.

Let’s wait the time comes, or shall I set the time?

Author: Audi Faliq Ibrahim

Executive at Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan. Alumni of International Islamic University Malaysia. An old soul and #INTJ.

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