The Crisis : A Letter To Someone

NOTE: This is more to ‘personal’ post but I wrote it here because I want to share with all of you about my thoughts, and what I am feeling right now. Not specifically dedicated to anyone, but rather, someone. May Allah give all of us strength to face the challenges ahead!

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Kelana Jaya, Petaling Jaya

20 September 2012

Assalamualaikum W.B.T. and good day,

Since the ‘crisis’ began, to be exact, on 15 September 2012 in which I received the ‘final’ SMS from her announcing (technically) the end of diplomatic tie and ceasing all communications, the current situation somehow is not very harmony. It is clearly been seen that some sort of ‘freezing the bond’ is in effect from the other side. Personally, I am not very comfortable with it.

Indeed I honour the friendship, the trust, that we built togehter since day one. The reason I told the truth (confess) my inner feeling is because to avoid future misunderstanding, if any. But it seems, the situation has gone worse and unimaginable even for me.

It is well-known that saying the truth is the best policy although the truth itself is bitter to be accepted. When you say something that might mean ‘controversy’, the outcome is either a ‘bless’ or a ‘curse’. I was ready to accept either outcome but rather sadly (and shocking to some instance), the outcome that I received was very disturbing indeed.

The current situation might create another sub-crisis and in the short and/or long-run will affect the perception. At the moment it seems the situation is under control but subsequently when the time goes on, others will notice and there is where the real ‘headache’ begin.

Thus to ensure the things are all right, I kept all the evidences, in case the situation would go into unfavorable road. But whatever it is, I will try to avoid any burden on her side and if possible, I will take responsibility to all the ‘accusation’. There is nothing to fight on, since it is just merely a misunderstanding.

The tie has been severed now but I do have positive hope that one day all this thing would back to normal. Insya Allah time will tell how long we could hold the ‘status quo’ and remain ‘distance’. To cut-off a friendship is an easy thing but considering the enormous time and effort to build, it is not worth!

If there are any condition(s) imposed to me, I am glad to accept it, as long as it mean to harmonize the relationship and put things back to normal. No truce to be signed, since there is no war at the first place. Heart-to-heart discussion is the best way to clarify the matters, but it depends on acceptance from the other side. May Allah grants us the strength to face the challenges ahead.

Thank you.






Author: Audi Faliq Ibrahim

Executive at Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan. Alumni of International Islamic University Malaysia. An old soul and #INTJ.

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