In Search For An Ideal…

Sometimes words seem very rash, but not mean to insult.
Sometimes words seem very rash, but not mean to insult.

What is ‘ideal’? Basically, it means perfect, complete, concise, bravo! ‘Ideal’ more or less means no flaws, purely ultimate, at its best form. Thus, is there such a thing as an ideal world?

I am pretty sure we always dream to have a perfect life. We want a highly paid job, or own a successful business. We want a pretty wife or handsome husband. We want our children to be among the smartest bunch. We want a luxury residence, with a plenty of posh cars. More or less, materialistic aim is what we perceive as ‘ideal’.

But those only in theory. In real life, most of the time it is upside down. Ideal world only exits in our university textbooks, or at worst, inside the children story books. Pretty sure, sometimes we wonder why we were taught that this world is an ideal place but in reality, it is a ‘hell’? Why our teachers, lecturers did not tell us the truth about real world?

If this world is an ideal place, then I believe we already dead. Hahaha. Why? Because an ideal place basically, well, a heaven. We learnt that heaven is perfect, ideal, the best place with no regret. However to book a place in heaven, it is not an easy job duh!

I believe God already created the best plan for every of His servant. If we faced difficulties that seems like hell being thrown over us, basically it is a test on our faith. As a Muslim, God already promised that for every difficulty lies opportunities. It is not one-sided affair.

Today (25 March 2013) I faced one of the biggest test in my life, a test that demands me to let go all my privileges that I have enjoyed for the past six months. I admit it is a major setback to me, a blow on my ego, but more or less, I accept it as part of my destiny, a part of God’s plan for me. Of course, this is not the end since I can start again, just with different story.

One of my friend went as far as expressing what I feel on her Facebook, causing maybe some sort of misunderstanding among her friends. I admire her brave action, her words seem harsh, but sometimes, yes, harsh and rash are necessary! If you are in my situation, you know how hard it is.

We can create a magnificent plan, we can dream a great dream, and of course to achieve what you are dreaming, there are no easy way. Obstacles are part and parcel of our life, be a minor issue or biggest ‘bad ass’ problems. Nevertheless, it is the way God want to give experience to us. Sitting comfortably on a couch will not give us meaningful knowledge. Rough acts are necessary, decision must be made, although sometimes, rashly.

Nevertheless, I am blessed to have people who always stood beside me and understand what I was facing in the past one month, especially the ‘special’ one. In difficult time, we need someone to at least, support our cause and know what and why we are doing such act(s).

When people walk away from you with disgust, the one who stay is (are) your true friend(s), those you can trust and can be a ‘partner’ in your life. Because he/she understand you and not understated you. Because he/she ready to cry and sing with you. Because he/she, loves you, although unspoken, but can be feel.

“We don’t know what will happen tomorrow. We don’t know what is destiny that has been destined to us…”

There is always a reason why. . .

Author: Audi Faliq Ibrahim

Executive at Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan. Alumni of International Islamic University Malaysia. An old soul and #INTJ.

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