POEM: Without A Name – At First I Fall After Her

CRB LabelPost Anthology

Whatever challenges ahead,
After another, endlessly or abruptly,
Nothing can throw it away!

All day and night,
For love that feel gracious,
Indeed, unexplainable!
Firmly, I will never stop,
As long as I am alive,
Hopefully, the day will arrive.

When your hands I will hold,
And your lips will be kissed,
No one can stop it.

Naysayers can argue,
Anything they’ll see it wrong.
Impeccable, and uncomparable.
March to a brighter future,
United together one another.
Destiny does not lie,
Determination will never die.
Inside my deepest heart,
Nevertheless, I am always love you!

Petaling Jaya, 11 June 2013

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