The Ultimate Investment

20140108 Ultimate Investment

There are many types of investments, all of those have risks and the ultimate outcome is either success or failure. Investment is not like flipping a coin, not a game of chance but of course, it involves luck as part of the game.

Lets examine this particular company.

This company, your ultimate objective is to acquire it. You have monitored the company, and it seems attractive. You bet your future on this company, you believe it will generate the best rate of return. You began invested on it, you buy a small unit of stock at first.

Then, you gradually increase your share. You invest slowly, you read the market sentiments, the stakeholders’ opinion, the past history, and you are certain that this is the best company and will never turn back. Although the history has some challenging period, but it makes the company stronger.

As time goes, you acquire good sentiments, and deep trust of other stakeholders’ and shareholders. You’re waiting the right time to announce preliminary offer to acquire, and this particular time is critical – you execute it at wrong time, you risk losing part (if not all) your investment.

You voice your intention to the major stakeholder, and somehow they agree with your offer, but gives you some conditions to proceed – they want to see your commitment by investing in special project that has fixed length of time, and want you to manage the project together with the company.

You did it with flying colours during the stipulated time, and the major shareholder agree with you offer to acquire the company. A special meeting then being held, where the major shareholder hand over the ownership to you, and trust you to safeguard the company, make it better over time, and expand it further with new branches.

The major shareholder is the one who founded the company, nurtured it, developed it to be competitive like others, and of course, when handing over to you, it is an emotional atmosphere all over.

Your fulfilled your objective, your patient and investments paid off. Now the responsibility is on your shoulder, to elevate the company to the next level.

Remember, not all investors can reach this level, with some luck and determination, you did it. Some investors stopped during hard time and abandoned it, some failed because major shareholder voted against the acquisition. Be thankful if you reach this level, it is a challenging game.

You guys, like me, is the INVESTOR, and there are a lot of other investors who keen to acquire the company too!

The company: WOMAN

Life is an investment. Invest wisely, and never give up. However, the ultimate outcome depends on our destiny, which in return, originated from Allah S.W.T. as the Master Planner.

Author: Audi Faliq Ibrahim

Executive at Yayasan Basmi Kemiskinan. Alumni of International Islamic University Malaysia. An old soul and #INTJ.

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