Please Respect Your Lecturer!

My dearest friends, please respect your teacher/lecturer, PLEASE!

I have a few question: Can you pay attention in class when your classmate(s) are making noise at back? Of course you can’t, rite? Do you know how to respect your lecturer/teachers?

Again, I want to stress here my dear friends, please observe your attitude in class. Is it acceptable if you were making noise/talking to your friends and at the same time your lecturer was giving his/her lecture in front of you?

I have encountered this problem since my days at secondary scholl. Yes, I know that everyone needs to talk. Socialize is a necessity. But please DO NOT TALK IN CLASS WHEN THE LECTURER IS GIVING ITS LECTURE. It is really annoying. Yes, I am an open-minded person, but when it comes to study matters, it is time to get serious! Do you want your lecturers/teachers have a BAD remarks on you?

Remember this: No matter how smart you are, or how rich you are, or how famous you are, if your teacher/lecturer does not give his blessing for what they have taught you, you will never be a successful man in the future.

An again, PLEASE RESPECT YOUR LECTURERS/TEACHERS. I’m sorry if this message has hurt your feelings my friends, I don’t mend to do it. This is just an advice for you and me.

Thank you for reading.

Sometimes You Have To Say It Now

I was sitting in my room when suddenly my mobile phone rang. It’s incoming message tone. One of my friends, Syarifah Nazirah, sent me this message;

I have a question for you;
If I have 24 hours left to live in this world…
What would you like to say to me?

You have to reply within 24 hours.

I did not reply immediately after reading it. I was thinking about myself; If I was in that situation, what would my friends said to me? Maybe "I love you" or "I miss you as my best friend" or maybe "I do not bother if you only have 24 hours to live, it is none of my business…"

Sometimes we have something to say to our beloved friends, but we tend to keep it later on. In my humble opinion, friends are our life’s assets, and if we loss them, no more it will return. IT IS GONE! So, if you have something to say to your friends, SAY IT NOW! Do not wait until their ‘last day’.


p/s: I have forwarded the message to several friends, and I’m glad that they all love me so much. Thank you friends! I love you all! Happy New Year.

Just Think That You CAN Do It!

If I think I am beaten,
I am!

If I think I dare not,
I don’t!

If I want to win but I think I can’t,
Then I won’t!

If I think I will lose,
Then I am lost!

Success begin with my will,
It is all in a state of mind.

Life’s battles don’t always go,
to the stronger and faster man,
But sooner or later the person who wins,
Is a person who thinks he CAN!

A Few Advice

I saw these at my lecturer’s notice board;

1. Give God what’s right, not what’s left.
2. Man’s way leads to a hopeless end, God’s ways leads to an endless hope.
3. He who knees before God can stand before anyone.
4. Don’t give Satan an inch, or he will be your RULER!

WARNING: Exposure to God may prevent burning!

Offer To Join IIUM Matriculation Center

Just checking my UPU applications at Finally, I get an offer to further my studies at Matriculation Center, International  Islamic  University of  Malaysia (IIUM), beginning July 2005.